If you have gone ahead and booked your Tasmania holidays for this season then you will certainly want to visit all the hotspots in the place. No visit to Tasmania is ever going to be complete without you having visited these specified places.

There is nothing more wonderful than to visit Hobart which is a captivatingly charming capital city and probably the most likely airport most visitors will fly into. Thanfully there are realtively cheap flights to Hobart daily from all the major Australian cities.  You could take yourself to Port Arthur from there. This is a great historic and scenic spot. This site that goes back way back in time to showcase how people lived then has been well preserved. Surprisingly, you will find buildings that have still remained intact after so many years.


While at Hobart you can drive your vehicle and take yourself to Richmond. This is a village straight out of the Georgian era. It has been able to preserve its heritage and culture really well and ensure that visitors get a view of the oldest bridge in Australia and the Roman Catholic Church to be found out here. Both of these were built way back in the 1800s.

When on Tasmania holidays you must take yourself to Bruny Island. This is the place wherein you will see the highest sea cliffs with the most breathtaking view of the ocean in front of you. There is the special experience of Aborigine culture out here as well.  Driving holidays are particularly popular in Tassie so if you need to buy a car to do this or even look at cheap campervan hire Tasmania or consider a 4WD for the best value.

The Eagle hawk Neck is the place wherein prisoners were kept way back then. You will also find the Officers Quarters of the oldest military timber building out here.

While on your Tasmania holidays you will be able to see several wonderful geographical landforms and natures beauty in the most fascinating and magnificent of ways. You will love the way you will feel so close to nature and almost see the Antarctica. The Southern Ocean will be all around you and you will find the most beautiful of marine creatures out here. You could also look at the most wonderful and unique culture that you are abound to witness in this most amazing place on the earth. You could also visit Flinder’s island, Bicheno and Freycinet National Park on the East Coast.